Words, Words, Words.

Jamaica Plain Day Trip

Just a fifteen minute subway ride from downtown, Jamaica Plain makes a great day trip during your stay in Boston.  In the morning, explore Arnold Arboretum, the oldest arboretum in North America.  Take a tour or pick up a brochure and wander at leisure through the thousands of varieties of trees, shrubs and vines.  For lunch, grab a sandwich at City Feed on Center Street and head over to Jamaica Pond for a picnic lunch.  If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, don’t worry!  Within a couple of blocks you can find Indian, Mexican, Thai-Cambodian, Chinese, Cal-Mex, falafel, sushi or good old fashioned pizza and subs.  Spend the afternoon window shopping Center Street’s eclectic mix of boutiques, antiques, used clothes stores and florists.  The original J.P. Licks is a great place to pick up a bag of coffee beans, freely traded and roasted on site.  Of course many people skip the coffee and head straight for the fabulous ice cream!

In the evening, head over to Ten Tables, a wonderfully intimate restaurant with creative appetizers and entrees.  If you can, go on a Tuesday when their specialty wine dinners are well worth the $42 per person.  If you don’t want the evening to end, stroll back down Centre Street to Brendan Behan and enjoy live Irish music and their great variety of draughts, bottled beer, wine and liquor.  But remember to keep an eye on the clock!  The last train back to the city leaves at 12:25 a.m.


    "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

    "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "Which is to be master? That is all."

    Polonius: What do you read, my lord?

    Hamlet: Words, words, words.

    Words are live things that may be variously employed to various ends. ~George MacDonald

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